Why Local?

What is Local Food?

In SDG, PR, and Cornwall & Area local food is:

  • Grown, caught, or raised in SDG, PR, and Cornwall & Area, including food from your garden.
  • Prepared and/or processed in SDG, PR, and Cornwall & Area (e.g., bread, coffee, and yogurt).
  • Local food retail establishments and restaurants who serve SDG, PR, and Cornwall& Area sourced food and beverages.
  • Local food sources identified on the PR&SDG Local Food Map

Why Local Food?

For your health

  • Eating local food in season is a great way to eat a larger variety of nutrient-packed fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and other unique local foods.
  • Local food is fresh and tasty because it is produced close to home.


For your community

  • Buying local food creates a direct link between those who grow the food and those who eat it.
  • Buying local food strengthens the local economy by keeping dollars and jobs within your community. The producers receive a higher percentage of your food dollar.


For the environment

  • Food that is grown and sold locally travels a much shorter distance than imported food. Imported food can travel over a thousand kilometers to get to the store, burning a lot of fossil fuel and contributing to pollution.
  • Local farms are often smaller and many use more sustainable methods that are better for the environment.
  • Buying local helps contribute to preserving the land needed to keep our community’s food secure: Farmland will only survive as long as farmers can afford to grow food.